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Eitel Woeller, the son of a German furniture manufacturer, started a small family business in 1920. E. Woeller Company sold full and half rolls of European upholstery fabrics to furniture manufacturers across Canada. North American fabric sources were added during the Second World War.

In the 1950's, Eitel expanded the business to serve the "cut-length" upholstery trade. The company moved to a larger location with warehouse facilities, and was incorporated as E. Woeller Limited.

Eitel's youngest son, Michael, assumed the role of manager of the company in 1954, after Eitel's death. Under Michael's leadership, the company prospered and he soon became president and sole owner. Restructured and incorporated as E. Woeller Fabrics Limited, the company moved again to larger premises.

Over the next three decades, the company continued to experience dramatic growth, establishing a sales force and showroom network across Canada.

In April 1990, Michael's youngest son, Jon, became a partner. A new company, Woeller Group, was formed with Jon Woeller as president. The product base was broadened to include a prestigious lighting collection, custom furniture, and European upholstery leather.

Business today is done on a custom order basis, manufactured to order or drawn from inventories around the world. A growing line of inventoried products in Kitchener, Ontario, compliments the product range. Woeller's customers are primarily architects and interior designers who specify finishes for hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, large corporations, and residential consumers.

Woeller Group has established itself as a primary resource to the architectural and interior design professions. Sales representatives and showrooms service their Canadian client base and the expanding international market.

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