Meet Our Suppliers: Nassimi

What Makes the Woeller Faux Leather Collection So Great? Suppliers like Nassimi

As a curator of beautiful, durable, and affordable coated fabrics, Woeller Group began offering Nassimi vinyl and PU coated fabrics in 2002. I was pleased to discover this like-minded family supplier based in New York City. My appreciation for Nassimi continues to grow.

Prior to the late 1980s, most companies sold Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) that made you sweaty when you sat on it and often became brittle and cracked after a few years of heavy use. Think of your grandma’s vinyl kitchen chairs around her melamine table.

Believing that there must be better options, the Nassimi product development team created a range of patterns that emulate the look and feel of leather in vinyl or polyurethane.  Motivated by design, colour and performance, Nassimi has evolved from a basic vinyl supplier to a faux leather and performance textile supplier.

Nassimi is a privately held family business which had its roots as a textile trading company based in Hamburg, Germany and established itself in the United States in 1978.

This innovative, agile and customer focused team works intimately with a selected group of global production partners whose relationships go back as far as 30+ years. Nassimi continues to demonstrate its passion for developing products that perform in today’s commercial environments—something we at Woeller can attest to first hand. We recognize this type of passion, commitment to quality and customer focus as traits of a family run business which is why we have such a great synergy with Nassimi.

We view Nassimi as a leading supplier of high-performance faux leathers and performance textiles and are proud not only to offer their products but to call them a partner.

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