InsideOut Fabrics: Livable Luxury

The pressure of daily use reveals the true quality of performance fabrics, especially in high-traffic residential settings such as living rooms. After three years of research and development, Valdese Weavers introduced InsideOut Fabrics, the first all-in-one performance fabric collection that is stylish enough for indoors and durable enough for outdoors.

What are Performance Fabrics?

According to market research conducted by Valdese Weavers, the four characteristics of performance fabrics are:

• Durability,
• Cleanability,
• Fade-resistance and,
• Liquid-resistance.

Many so-called performance fabrics have some of these characteristics but not all. InsideOut Fabrics is the first performance fabric collection that is durable, cleanable, fade-resistant, AND liquid-resistant. With all the features of a performance textile, InsideOut Fabrics are perfect for indoor/outdoor residential use and most commercial settings including hotel, hospitality and seniors living.

What’s so great about InsideOut Performance Fabrics?

InsideOut Fabric Features:


Most performance fabrics suitable for residential settings resist abrasion up to 15,000-30,000 double rubs. InsideOut Performance Fabrics are tough enough to resist abrasion from 62,000 to 200,000 double rubs, depending on the pattern! Made with multiple yarns decorative and durable enough for a high-traffic living room sofa, these fabrics are also pill-resistant.


InsideOut Performance Fabrics are liquid-resistant, which means pop, wine, and other liquids will bead up so they can be wiped away before a stain happens. Clean everyday spills with soap and water such as laundry or dish detergent mixed with water. Tackle hardcore stains using a diluted bleach solution without damaging the fabric.

Outdoor Safe

Outdoor furniture takes a beating from the sun and the rain. Fortunately, InsideOut Fabrics are fade-resistant, making them an excellent choice for living rooms bathed in natural light, sunrooms, and covered patios. InsideOut Fabrics are guaranteed not to fade or degrade for three years. They are also mildew-resistant.

Varied Design

Constructed with multiple types of yarn, InsideOut Fabrics are available in an array of patterns and textures, including chenille, boucle, velvet, linen-look, tweed, and faux leather.

Responsibly Produced

When you buy InsideOut Performance Fabrics, you get gorgeous textiles that stand up under pressure AND support an environmentally, socially responsible company. InsideOut Fabrics are PFC-free and made without solution-dyed acrylic. As of 2016, Valdese Weavers is 100% employee-owned and operated. Their 1000 staff create outstanding products because they want to ensure happy customers come back.

If your residential design clients want “livable luxury”, InsideOut Performance Fabrics are a winning choice!

Woeller is the primary Canadian distributor among an exclusive handful of leading fabric distributors that offer InsideOut Fabrics. Browse our collection.

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