Supreen™: The Performance Fabric of Your Dreams

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect high-performance fabric. Do you see a supple, soft textile in gorgeous colours and patterns that resists stains and is bleach cleanable? What if this fabric also had natural anti-microbial properties and didn’t harm the environment?

You’re NOT dreaming!

Innovative commercial upholstery fabric supplier Nassimi just launched, Supreen™—a revolutionary new textile that is ideal for healthcare, seniors living, and hospitality applications. Woeller has been a trusted partner of Nassimi since 2002, and we can’t wait to tell you more about their latest innovation!

What’s So Great About Supreen™?

This hard-working collection of commercial upholstery material is:
• Soft and supple
• Durable (meets the 100,000 double-rub abrasion resistance test)
• Tough enough for regular cleaning with diluted bleach (perfect for healthcare settings)
• Impermeable to liquid
• Stain-resistant
• Breathable and comfortable
• Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
• Environmentally friendly
• PFC- and PFOA-free
• HHI and Prop 65 compliant

Plus, Supreen™ looks and feels luxurious! It also exceeds contract grade upholstery standards and is suitable for the toughest high-traffic environments including hospitality, healthcare, and seniors living.

Supreen complete liquid barrier and polyurethane backing Known as the first company to introduce true non-vinyl faux leathers, Nassimi later innovated polyurethane fabrics, that are durable and highly cleanable. Building on these successes, Nassimi set its sights on innovating with textiles.

Supreen™ is a revolutionary combination of cutting-edge woven and coated technology borrowed from manufacturers of specialty outwear, athletic wear and silicone upholstery. “After tinkering for a few years, we came up with this product called Supreen™, which is a culmination of all of these things,” says Iwan Nassimi, Executive Vice President of Nassimi.

The Supreen™ name combines the words “supple” (graceful, flexible) and “preen” (what an aquatic bird does to keep its feathers waterproof and clean).

How is Supreen™ made?


This fabric is a three-layer composite product that marries innovative woven and coated technology to create a unique liquid-barrier textile. It is manufactured by sending a high-performance textile into a silicone bath that embeds itself as an invisible liquid-repellent, stain-resistant layer. This silicone layer is PFC- and PFOA-free, making it better for human health and the environment.

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Total Liquid Barrier

Silicone is a brand-new resin category made from an abundant natural resource that is highly cleanable, naturally flame retardant and has anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. The top two layers are then bonded to a durable polyurethane backing that makes the fabric a complete liquid barrier. “Nothing will penetrate Supreen™,” says Iwan. He adds, “[Supreen™ fabrics] don’t pill, and they don’t tear. They’re stain-resistant, and you don’t have to send them out to be finished. They’re headache-free!”

Woeller is the primary Canadian distributor one of an exclusive handful of leading fabric distributors that offer Supreen™.

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