Performance technology designed
to make fabric work better and last longer.

Real life hates fabrics

Good thing there’s alta.

Water-based, high-performance alta finishes are designed for fabric. Alta is the only technology engineered to provide the correct level of protection for each application environment.

Best of all – alta is not toxic to humans or the environment.

Sick of flat, pancake velvets?

Alta offers performance technology specifically for plush products.

Everyone loves velvet, but in the past, velvet uses were limited due to performance concerns. Our alta plush finish provides designers the ability to use velvet in a wider variety of environments.

With alta plush, designers can specify plush products with confidence knowing they won’t become crushed and tired looking.

Water, coke & oil repellency

Over the past 28 years, the Product Development team at Applied Textiles has established that not every fabric and environment should be treated the same, leading to the need for textile solution development based on fibre type, construction and the requirements of performance based on the end application.

We combine trials and thorough in-house testing with accurate process documentation so you can see it in action. Check out the video and witness the unmatched repellency of alta!

No matter the place or space, alta is the most effective way to protect fabrics in real life environments:

Discover the full range of alta finishes, there’s one for every environment:

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