Surprisingly soft, Supreen is a high performance,
bleach cleanable fabric with a liquid-barrier.

Designed to Outperform

Supreen combines cutting-edge woven and coated technology to create a unique liquid-barrier textile. The result is a hard-working upholstery that exceeds contract grade upholstery standards and is suitable for the toughest high-traffic environments.

Supreen is built to perform in the places and spaces where life hits hard.

How is Supreen Made?

The process starts with weaving and dying a high-performance polyester fabric. After dyeing, the fabric is purified before embedding an eco- friendly proprietary silicone solution. This part of the treatment will protect the fabric against liquids and stains on the surface of the material. To complete the process, a polyurethane backing is applied to the fabric to create a total liquid-barrier and a new standard in high performance fabrics called Supreen.

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Surprisingly Soft

The innovators that turned old-fashioned vinyl into premium faux leather, now bring you Supreen. Supreen is a performance composite material that retains the beauty and luxurious softness of a woven fabric, while incorporating the performance of a coated textile. It has an incredibly supple hand, upholsters extremely well and feels wonderfully soft to the touch.

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